Change your mood

Some things you can't change. Others you can.

PRIMITIVS gives you control to change the mood.

Over and over again.

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Start building your PRIMITIVS collection with a 8-PACK that consists of 8 small connector pieces. Create a variety of candle holders using the pieces in the pack alone or add a special piece to get more features.

There are also 2-PACKS of all connector pieces and two bigger packs with 16 or 32 pieces to expand you collection and make it even more playful, changeable and future-proof.


Select a 16-PACK that consists of 8 small and 8 medium connector pieces to get even more changeability and usability. If you add special pieces you get more features and can create different constellations.

There are also 2-PACKS of all connector pieces, smaller packs or larger packs. This way you expand your collection and makes it even more changeable and future-proof.


The 32-PACK is our biggest and most changeable pack of pieces. It consists of 16 small and 16 medium sized connector pieces. With this pack you are able to create many different constellations. By adding special pieces your collection gets more features and usability.

Combine your pack with 2-PACKS in another color and you can get an even more playful and changeable collection.  



Special pieces are pieces that all have some sort of a special feature when it comes to usage or purpose. Whether you have a bigger pack or one or more 2-packs, it is time to add even more changeability and usability to your collection by adding special pieces.

Below you'll find a few featured ones. Over at our shop you'll find all special pieces in every color & finish available.



All connector pieces are, besides being part of one of the bigger packs, also available as 2-packs. PRIMITIVS value comes with changeability and multiusage and it all begins with at least one 2-pack. 

Below you'll find a few featured ones. Over at our shop you'll find all 2-packs in every color & finish available.

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