Changeable Art & Design for a Life In Flux


PRIMITIVS is a changeable art & design product that, like life itself, constantly evolves. By collecting PRIMITIVS pieces you can combine your own constellations and create candle holders, vases, sculptures, table pieces and much more to come. Choose from a variety of pieces all made on demand in 3D-printed porcelain. Connect pieces to each other, rearrange and enlarge your collection to keep it in constant change.

Stay in flux!


Select a collection

There are two ways you can start to collect PRIMITIVS. You can select piece by piece or you can start with a collection of preselected pieces. Below you'll find a few featured collections from the MINIMAL series that can both be combined into candle holders and art sculptures. 

Head over to the shop to see all of our collections and pieces. 


How does it work?


Collect PRIMITIVS pieces and build your collection by selecting piece by piece or add a preselected collection. All pieces are unique and made only on demand. This is possible with the magic of 3D-printing technology which not only makes every piece unique but also enables a wide range of pieces. 


Now you've added either your own customized collection of pieces or a preselected collection. Then it's time to start to create and combine art & design constellations with different aesthetics and purposes by connecting the pieces to one another.     


Whenever you feel like it you can change your constellations and combine the same pieces in many different ways. By continuing collecting pieces, more and more combinations are possible and your collection becomes even more changeable and sustainable.


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