Customizable Art & Design


PRIMITIVS is a customizable art & design product for you to create and change. Select and customize which pieces you like to add to your collection and then start creating your own art & design constellations. Created with innovative technology the decoration line of PRIMITIVS comes in black and white glossy porcelain. Every piece is unique and made only for you.

PRIMITIVS - Make it yours


Build your collection

Build your own collection by selecting and customizing PRIMITIVS pieces. There are four ground shapes to choose from and each shape have customization options such as Version, Color & finish, Size and Addition. There's also the ability to choose one of our curated collections.


How does it work?


You decide how you want your collection to look and function by choosing from the four PRIMITIVS (The Cube, The Sphere, The Cone, The Cylinder) and then make different customization options such as Version, Color & finish, Size and Addition. 


All pieces are unique and made only on demand. This is possible with the magic of 3D technology and the human touch of every piece. Start to collect pieces and you'll find yourself with a very special art and design collection with lots of power.


Now you've added either your own customized collection of pieces or a preselected curated collection. Then it's time to start to create art & design constellations with different aesthetics and purposes.     


Whenever you feel like it you can change your constellations and combine the same pieces in many different ways. By continuing collecting pieces more and more combinations are possible and your collection becomes even more changeable and sustainable.


Select a curated collection

You can also select a curated collection with preselected pieces. Even though we've chosen version, size and addition you can still choose the color and most importantly how to combine the pieces. 


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