Keep playing and stay future-proof!

Why does that matter?

We believe that life's too short not to have fun and enjoy it as much as we can along the way. We also believe in and hope for a better future. 

With PRIMITIVS we wanted to bring back playfulness and make it come alive in another playground. By making interior decorating become more playful, changeable and customizable with a colorful modular product and at the same time make it sustainable and based on a multi-use system.

What is PRIMITIVS then?

PRIMITIVS is a modular design product based on a system of pieces. By collecting and connecting pieces you're able to create various constellations with different expressions and purposes. The changeability and versatility both keeps it interesting and enables one piece or a collection of pieces to have more than one use opportunities. 

How does it work?

By combining decoration pieces you can create candle holders, vases, lamps and plates for candles or that little treat. All series have a number of connector pieces that you can connect and build on top of each other to create different constellations. Or use any connector piece as candle holders in itself. If you add special pieces to your collection you'll get more features and usage which makes your collection even more playful and future-proof.

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