How does it work?


PRIMITIVS is a changeable art & design product. By selecting and combining pieces, you can create constellations that could become art sculptures in a window, table pieces, candle holders and much more to come. 



Select which pieces you want to add to your collection. You can either put together your own collection by adding and collecting pieces one by one. Or you can choose to start out with a preselected collection of choice. 

Every piece is part of a design series with a certain expression and special pieces for that particular series. In every series there's two types of pieces; Connector pieces (both with other pieces and potential candle holder in itself) and Closed pieces (closes the end of a constellation and makes it your own art sculpture or a table piece in itself). Then there's always one or more Special pieces that have another function such as a Vase for example.

PRIMITIVS decoration line is made out of 3D-printed porcelain with different kinds of finishes for different design series. Every piece is unique and made only when ordered. 

If you collect pieces you'll find yourself with a very special art and design collection of pieces with lots of possibilities and ways to stay in flux. 



Now it is time to start to create art & design constellations with your pieces. Depending on what pieces you've selected you can create art sculptures, table pieces and candle holders and much more in the future. We will constantly be adding more design series and pieces with both different looks and usage. There's no guarantee that a piece will be available forever so make sure to get the pieces you like to your collection.

Keep an eye on our journal or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on upcoming releases and other PRIMITIVS news.



One of the main perks of PRIMITIVS is the ability to change. You don't have to make up your mind entirely and you don't have to get tired of what ever you decide to create. Since you decide how to create your constellations and what pieces to collect you can also change the way you combine them when ever you feel like it, over and over again. Or you could find your very favorite combinations and stick to them. It's all up to you. 

By continuing collecting pieces more and more combinations are possible and your collection becomes even more changeable and sustainable


PRIMITIVS - Stay in flux