The story


Who are the people behind PRIMITIVS?

PRIMITIVS is created by TOMLIN STUDIO that consists of the co-creator duo Tomas Nihlén and Linda Pierre. We’re currently based in Stockholm, Sweden but see ourselves (as the people in flux we are) living and creating in more parts of the world in the future. 

We have worked and created stuff as a team for over ten years now. At the beginning we mainly worked with trend analysis, strategy and media production. Pretty soon though we both felt that we wanted to create something for ourselves and not only do work for clients.

Our first ventures into creating our own products were all digital products and services, but something was missing. We later realized that wanted to make something physical, a product we could actually touch. On top of that it needed to be creatively stimulating, fun to work with and at the same time solve some sort of problemNew technology, years of collecting knowledge and experiences - together with a slice of creativity and lots of invested time have turned PRIMITIVS from an abstract idea in a sketchbook to an actual physical product.


How did you come up with the basic idea of PRIMITIVS?

We thought it would be interesting to do something new with something old. And to create something that we couldn't find anywhere. After juggling ideas back and forth we decided upon a creative and flexible product that could be and do many things. Perfect for people like us that like both changeability and choice but also care about sustainability.

By making it an on demand product we not only enabled a wide variety of designs but also cut stock and can be more free and flexible in our creative process.


What comes next?

This is only the beginning of a journey of changeable products for us and our goal is that PRIMITIVS will become a fun and creative part of peoples’ lives - all over the world.

More shapes and design series are on the way to our shop and we are looking at different areas and product categories where PRIMITIVS could contribute to more changeability.

Our mission is to stay in flux and to never stop being curious about what on what adventures the future will take us and PRIMITIVS.




Find us and say hello, read more about how it all works and head over to the shop to start collecting your own PRIMITIVS collection.