The story of PRIMITIVS


How did you come up with a changeable art & design product like PRIMITIVS?

We wanted to do something new with something old. And to create something that we couldn't find anywhere. After juggling ideas back and forth we decided upon a creative and flexible product that could be and do many things. Perfect for people like us that like to decide for ourselves how we like it and then be able to change things when we want.

If that same product could be used in many different ways that would also make it a sustainable choice which was important to us. By making it an on demand product we not only enabled a wide variety of designs but also cut stock and could be more free in our creative process.


Does people really want to be the "maker" or isn't the already created crafts what they are looking for? 

Both! We think people want to a be a part of a product at a reasonable level but that they also like to buy "ready to use" products. In that way they can both be creative by in our case selecting pieces and putting them together. At the same time not spend hours trying to create something from scratch. That is why we offer two ways to start to collect PRIMITIVS. You can either select and start to collect PRIMITIVS piece by piece, or you can choose to start with a preselected collection of pieces.


Have you always known you wanted to create your own product?

We have worked and created stuff together as a duo for ten years. At the beginning we mainly worked with trend analysis and strategy in digital media. Pretty soon we both felt that we wanted to create something for ourselves an not only do work for others.

Back then the natural way for us was to lean over towards a digital product or service. But after making a few half-hearted digital product and service attempts, we realized that we wanted to create something we could actually touch, that still was creatively stimulating, fun and at the same time solved some sort of a problem. 


In what way does PRIMITIVS solve a problem?

We live in a fast moving world with fast moving consumption. We've been used to getting new impressions both in our digital space as well as the physical one. To constantly exchange stuff isn't a sustainable way of life, but we still need that rush that change gives us. With all these new digital services we're also getting used to being able to decide for ourselves when, how and what. These new ways of life and the challenges they bring hasen't really been fully adopted into the world of physical products. That is what we want to do with PRIMITIVS. To give people a changeable product that can be and do many things so that they could continue to stay in flux! 


What comes next?

New technology, years of gathered knowledge and experiences together with a slice of creativity and lots of time have made a product like PRIMITIVS possible. This is only the beginning of a journey of changeable products for us and our goal is that PRIMITIVS in different shapes and forms can become a fun and creative part of peoples lives all over the world. 

Our mission is to stay in flux and to never stop being curious about what road future will take.



Find us and say hello, read more about how it all works and head over to the shop to start collecting your own PRIMITIVS collection.