PRIMITIVS is presented in series of pieces. Each series have its own look and pieces with specific features. Every series consists of a number of connector pieces that both can be built with and used as candle holders and special pieces that adds usage such as turning your constellation into vases, other kinds of candle holders, plates and different kinds of lamps to mention a few.



MINIMAL is an unlimited minimalist series based upon the basic primitive shapes of a cube, a sphere, a cone and a cylinder. The perfect series to start off your PRIMITIVS collection with and to use as the foundation for upcoming series and pieces. The clean look with it's glossy finish and bright colors of this series makes it both playful and long lasting.

The MINIMAL series consists of 4 connector pieces; The Cube, The Sphere, The Cone and The Cylinder, available in two different sizes. Then there are 9 special pieces; The Cube Vase, The Sphere Vase, The Cone Vase, The Cylinder Vase, The Cylinder Tealight, The Sphere Lamp Base, The Cylinder Lamp HolderThe Cube Plate and The Sphere Plate

Besides picking each piece one by one there are also preselected kits of pieces and packs to choose from.

Combine pieces from the MINIMAL series into many different kinds of candle holders, vases, plates and both hanging and standing lamps. You will also always be able to mix pieces from one series to another.

All of 13 pieces in the series can be available in 6 different color & finishes. Winter white, beetle black, gravel grey, punky pink, gecko green and yolk yellow. Look out for special edition pieces that only will be available around special occasions and "guest pieces" that will come and go.