This KIT NO.9 is a preselected PRIMITIVS kit that contains 3 pieces in punky pink glossy 3D-printed ceramics from the MINIMAL series. 

This kit is ready to be combined into one small vase and candle holders. Two of the pieces are connector pieces and can also be used as part of another constellation.

Combine it with more connector pieces and/or special pieces to make it even more changeable and usable.

A playful and future-proof way to decorate.

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  • 1 x THE CONE Small: 70 mm diameter, height 80 mm (60 mm when another piece is connected on top).
  • 1 x THE CONE Medium: 90 mm diameter, height 100 mm (80 mm when another piece is connected on top).
  • 1 x THE CONE VASE: 70 mm diameter length & width, height 100 mm.


Ceramics: 3D-printed and then glazed with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. Recyclable and eco-friendly.

Color & Finish

Punky pink with a glossy finish. All available colors in the MINIMAL series are winter white, beetle black, gravel grey, gecko greenyolk yellow and punky pink.

Process & Shipping

PRIMITIVS decoration pieces are made out of 3D-printed ceramics, fired, colored and glazed with selected color & finish. All size measurements are approximate due to the process and can differ +/- 1 mm. Since every piece is manufactured on demand when ordered, the shipping time is approximately 4 weeks (+/- 1 week). All products sold are final sale and are non-returnable. Terms & Conditions + FAQ