THE CYLINDER LAMP HOLDER is a minimalist PRIMITIVS lamp holder shaped like a rounded cylinder in gravel grey glossy 3D-printed ceramics from the MINIMAL series.

Use THE CYLINDER LAMP HOLDER to create either a standing table lamp or a lamp hanging from the ceiling or in a window. By connecting pieces underneath it can take many forms and expressions.

To create a standing lamp you need to combine it with a lamp base. Otherwise, combine it with any connector piece of choice or with any of the packs or kits. Also, check out other special pieces to get even more usability.

A playful and future-proof way to decorate.

This is just a holder, no cord or lamp socket included.

This means you'll have to buy a cord (cloth covered cord works) with a basic socket (if one with a ring you can decide the height of the lamp) and the plug end that works for your country. 

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70 mm diameter length & width, height 79 mm.


Ceramics: 3D-printed and then glazed with a lead-free, non-toxic finish. Recyclable and eco-friendly.

Color & Finish

Gravel grey with a glossy finish. All available colors in the MINIMAL series are winter white, beetle black, gravel grey, gecko greenyolk yellow and punky pink.

Process & Shipping

PRIMITIVS decoration pieces are made out of 3D-printed ceramics, fired, colored and glazed with selected color & finish. All size measurements are approximate due to the process and can differ +/- 1 mm. Since every piece is manufactured on demand when ordered, the shipping time is approximately 4 weeks (+/- 1 week). All products sold are final sale and are non-returnable. Terms & Conditions + FAQ