Collection No. 1

Collection No. 1


Collection No. 1 is a curated collection containing five PRIMITIVS Originals. This means that all of the pieces are both connector pieces to build upon and a possible candle holder in itself or as a top piece.

With these five pieces you are able to make many different combinations, take a look at the images to see three examples. This collection comes with preselected sizes and addition (in this case none) but you can choose if you want all white or black glossy porcelain pieces.

Every piece is unique and made only when ordered. 

Customization options

  • Color & finish (White glossy porcelain / Black glossy porcelain)

Collection pieces

  • 1 Sphere Original size 2 (medium) - Addition: None
  • 1 Sphere Original size 1 (small) - Addition: None
  • 1 Cone Original size 1 (small) - Addition: None
  • 1 Cube Original size 1 (small) - Addition: None
  • 1 Cube Original size 2 (medium) - Addition: None
Color & finish:
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Process & Shipping

Every PRIMITIVS piece is casted into a unique 3D printed mold and then handcrafted throughout the rest of the process. All size measurements are approximate due to the process and can differ +/- 1 mm.

Since every piece is manufactured on demand when ordered, the shipping time is approximately 6 weeks (+/- 1 week).

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