The Cone

The Cone

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Create art and design constellations by using The Cone. You can create different combinations depending on how you customize your piece. 

If you put a piece on top you can either make your constellation into an art sculpture (Closed) or a candle holder (Original). Or you can use your piece as a connector to build upon (Original) or as a table piece in itself.

Customization options

  • Version (Original / Closed)
  • Color & finish (White glossy porcelain / Black glossy porcelain)
  • Size (1 = small / 2 = medium)
  • Addition (None / Dots)

All additions are temporary and will be exchanged over time (except "None" that remains) so make sure to get the addition pieces you like while you can.

Prices & sizes

Every piece is unique and made only when ordered. 

  • Original - Size 1 (small) - €110.00
    • Width 70 mm diameter (at the bottom), Height 53 mm (33 mm when connected).
  • Original - Size 2 (medium) - €130.00
    • Width 90 mm diameter (at the bottom), Height 63 mm (43 mm when connected).
  • Closed - Size 1 (small) - €100.00
    • Width 70 mm diameter (at the bottom), Height 52 mm.
  • Closed - Size 2 (medium) - €120.00
    • Width 90 mm diameter (at the bottom), Height 62 mm.
Color & finish:
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Process & Shipping

Every PRIMITIVS piece is casted into a unique 3D printed mold and then handcrafted throughout the rest of the process. All size measurements are approximate due to the process and can differ +/- 1 mm.

Since every piece is manufactured on demand when ordered, the shipping time is approximately 6 weeks (+/- 1 week).

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