We're back!

With more MINIMAL and a little bit more...

PRIMITIVS is growing and starting to feel less like a toddler and more like a playful kid. We've been working hard these past few weeks to take PRIMITIVS one step closer to our vision. A playful and future-proof design product full of possibilities.

With this release the MINIMAL series gets 78 more articles in our shop (48 kits and 30 single pieces) and now consists of totally 162 items for you to select from. And more is on its way...

Here are some of the news, in short, we have for you at the moment:

5 new pieces in 6 colors

Now you're able to create not only regular candle holders and vases, but also tea light holders (in three different sizes), small plates for a block candle or that little weekend chocolate treat and lamp pieces to create either hanging or standing lamps in a number of ways.

8 new preselected kits in 6 colors

We've added 8 more preselected kits for you so that you easily can kickstart your PRIMITIVS collection. All 14 kits are now also available in all of the six colors for this series and more kits are on its way.

Single pieces

We made every piece into a single piece so now you can buy all PRIMITIVS pieces one by one. This goes for both of our two types of pieces; connector pieces and special pieces. That way you can put together and customize your collection exactly the way you like it.

New prices!

We see the MINIMAL series as a starting point and a great foundation for your PRIMITIVS collection because of the minimalist form factor and the fact that it will fit together with all future series.

MINIMAL is an unlimited series that with its clean look and playful colors can do and be many things for hopefully a very long time. To make that possible we made this series available for more with these new compelling prices. It's important not to forget that this is not a factory manufactured product, but a sustainable on-demand product made only when ordered.

Better shopping experience

Finally, we've also done quite a few updates and changes both on our site and shop. Besides rearranging our start page and updated our descriptions about PRIMITIVS, our story and the new series page. We've also made it easier to find related pieces for every item in our shop and to take a look at our lookbooks over at series-gallery.

Let us know if there is anything you miss or wonder about.

Until then keep playing and stay future-proof!

/Linda & Tomas