The story



We are TOMLIN, co-founders, creators and the design duo behind PRIMITIVS.

TOMLIN stands for Tomas Nihlén and Linda Pierre and we've been a team in business for more than a decade, and in life even longer than that. 

We've explored the digital landscape for more than a decade and with PRIMITIVS we've taken the leap into the physical product space and brought our digital mindset with us in our backpacks.

PRIMITIVS as an idea came up after a long search within to find out what we really wanted to do and contribute to the world. Since we both have a strong need to enjoy life as much as possible we knew that it had to be something we loved both to create and to actually use ourselves.

We also knew that we wanted it to be a sustainable product, not only to others and to the planet but also to ourselves. The ability to change things around and to create new pieces made it in a constant state of flux which is perfect for curious and changeable people like ourselves.

The latest advances in manufacturing and the digital landscape with all of its progress have made it possible for us to create the product we dreamed about. To keep playing by building and creating more pieces and combinations made it a perfect match. 

Come say hello and begin to collect, connect and create.

But most importantly don't forget to keep playing and to be future-proof!

/Linda Pierre & Tomas Nihlén



Read more about PRIMITIVS or go to start to see some of the ready-to-use kits we've put together, design packs and a few featured pieces. Head over directly to our shop to browse all packs and pieces available right now.